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Here be me collection of scripts...

01. Bad Hair Day
15. Klump's Lumps
18. Kong Fu

01. Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights
02. Hooray For Holly-Kongo Bongo

Arr, I know there not be many to cast yer eyes over right now. Ye see, me incompetent first mate, Green Kroc, seems to have lost the co-ordinates for where we buried the rest of them! It's just a matter of digging up this entire beach now. Argh!

Skurvy: "Kutlass! Green Kroc! What ye be waiting for?!"
Kutlass: "Well, it's just that..."
Skurvy: "Yar! Out with it!"
Green Kroc: "Well, you see... we buried our shovels by mistake, capitan."

Yar. Ye just can't get good help now days.