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Kongo Valley isn't the only source of DKC information on the 'net... This section of Kongo Valley has links to other sites with Donkey Kong Country TV show info. Some of the sites listed here have features such as episode listings, discussion boards and media related to the DKC show, so they are worth checking out!

Here are a handful of the most notable DKC TV show info sources...


DKC Fansites
Donkey Kong Jungle
In its heyday, this was one of the biggest and best DKC websites around, both for the games and the TV show. Now-a-days, the once thriving community has moved on, and many of the sections are inaccessible, but there are a few things worth a visit...

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DKC Discussion Boards
TV.com DKC Discussion
This is a forum hosted by TV.com which is dedicated to the discussion of the DKC TV show. It includes a few discussions about DKC DVD releases, the possibility of the show being aired again, etc.
Shout! Factory Message Board Thread
Discussion about the viability of Shout! obtaining the rights to DKC for DVD release.

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DKC Info on Database Sites
Nelvana's Info for the DKC show
The only 'official' source of DKC TV show information I have a link for, the Nelvana website has a summary of the show's storyline as well as a guide to each episode's content.
Wikipedia Entry for the DKC show
Wikipedia's DKC TV show info page includes a basic storyline and airplay history of the show, as well as a guide to the characters and voice actors, and a list of episode titles. Attention is also payed to the similarities and differences in comparison to the DKC video game series.
TV.com DKC Info Section
TV.com's DKC section features a series of pages for the show. Among these are a storyline summary, an episode guide (with airdates and brief descriptions), voice actor details and a 'community reviews' service. Of course the previously listed TV.com DKC Discussion Forum is hosted here, too.
TV Rage DKC Entry
A database entry Similar to TV.com's. The summary on TV Rage's DKC entry may look a little familiar... It sure did to me! It appears that someone has copied most of Kongo Valley's Intro to DKC TV (which was written entirely by me) word for word... I guess whoever did that must have forgotten to ask first.

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