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Created in 1996, The TV show Donkey Kong Country is based on the main characters from the Nintendo game of the same name. The creators of the show (France 2) used 3-D computer animation and motion capture to give the animated series a look quite similar in style to the graphics in the DKC games.

The DKC show takes place on a tropical island called Kongo Bongo, and is about a good-natured, banana- loving ape called Donkey Kong, who is to one day be the ruler of the island. His family and friends, and an opposing force of scheming lizards all live on the island too. The Kong family are in charge of protecting a magical artefact called the Crystal Coconut, which the lizards, under the command of their eccentric and ill-tempered ruler, King K. Rool, want for themselves. Everyone wants the Coconut because it can grant wishes and perform magical feats... and K. Rool wants to use it to take over the island. K. Rool constantly tries to outsmart the Kongs with new plans to steal this mystical object, but due to the incompetency of his troops, it always proves to be more complicated than he intends!

King K. Rool isn't the only one after the Crystal Coconut... A crew of marauding pirates, commanded by the cutthroat Captain Skurvy, are also after the orb of power. Skurvy claims that the Coconut is his birthright, passed on from his great-great-great grandpappy, and so, he and his two-croc crew set sail for Kongo Bongo Island every once in a while, and come ashore in an attempt to pillage the Coconut, and anything else they can get their scaly claws on.

With other reclusive and mysterious presences such as Eddie the Yeti and the wise and enchanted idol of Inka Dinka Doo, as well as the lovable apes, troublesome lizards, merciless pirates *and* the occasional un-announced visitor now and then... The lifestyle on Kongo Bongo Island is never dull!

Although new episodes are no longer being produced, there have been a few DVD releases in recent years. The most recent example, a DVD of four season 2 episodes entitled 'Donkey Kong Country Vol 1', was released in Australia in 2005 by distributor 'Magna Pacific', and two single-episode DVDs are available, so it seems possible that more episodes of the show could be released on DVD.


(from the credits of "Bad Hair Day" and "Volume 1" DVD releases)

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