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Dixie's Diary

Hi guys! Dixie here!

I've been keeping a diary for a while now, to keep track of all the fun stuff that happens every day on the island. Most of the time I'm off looking for new pets, or hanging out with Funky, so sometimes I miss out on the action, but if anything big happens while I'm exploring the island, Diddy and Candy fill me in on what I've missed. I have kept my diary secret for a while now, but I think I'll start sharing it with you so that you can see what kind of adventures we get up to here on Kongo Bongo Island!


Entry #1
Bad Hair Day

Today was Candy's birthday! She had to work anyway, and she said Bluster was trying to hit on her! Ewww. He's so gross.

Anyway, I was looking for a gift for Candy, so I didn't see it, but Diddy told me that King K'rool made a robot which looked just like her! A Candy Clone! Apparently Dids & DK scared all the lizards off after an attempted Coconut raid, so K. Rool decided to put a curse on DK to make him lose his strength! He figured the best way to do this was to have a robotic Candy look-a-like cut DK's hair, so he tried that... and it worked! Weird, I know. Sometimes I think Diddy's making this stuff up. =p

So with DK weak as a baby, Krusha stole the Crystal Coconut with ease. Bummer! Funky picked DK & Diddy up, and took them to the banana plantation, but even eating every last banana didn't help DK's strength, so it was just as well Cranky had been working on a potion! Candy and Bluster took the potion and were on their way to the plantation to meet DK, but Klump had discovered their plan, and intercepted the Barrel-Copter with a volley of Klaptraps! Candy said that Bluster got really annoyed by all of this and decided to tip out the potion- but fortunately the potion made a magical banana tree grow, and DK got both his hair *and* his power back thanks to Diddy force-feeding him one last banana!

Of course DK wasted no time in retrieving the Crystal Coconut. Diddy said that DK claimed to have knocked the Coconut right out of Krusha's hands and back into Cranky's Cabin with one kick. One of those guys must be stretching the truth there, but it still makes a good story. Oh and get this! Candy was still steamed when I gave her my present that night... When DK finally got to be with Candy at the end of the day, he confused her with the robot Candy! Gosh that guy can be a bit of a goof sometimes!

I haven't got time to share any other diary entries just yet, but hopefully I will sometime soon!

Another thing I hope to do soon is stick in a few photos! Funky often takes me along when he's shooting photos around the island, so I'm sure I'll be able to do this before too long.

Here is a quick preview of the next entries I will be sharing...

Entry #2
Ape Foo Young

DK turned back into a baby by drinking a youth potion by mistake! I'll write more about this soon!

Entry #3
Booty And The Beast

Oh boy, the pirates! I can't wait to share what happened today!

Entry #4
Barrel, Barrel, Who’s Got The Barrel

Bluster came up with a bone-head idea to get Candy to like him... Sheesh! Can't he take a hint?! More soon! =)