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...and Sea Shanties! (songs)

Arr! I be Skurvy, ruthless pirate! This section of Kongo Valley holds scripts of what me and my crew, and the mangey island-dwellers do and say in each episode. Every word is written down, and other comments are scribbled down amongst what we say to describe what else be happening. From time to time, my crew will sing sea shanties to liven things up, and the monkeys do to, and so I have a second section to provide you with the words to our songs, so ye can sing along!


What be ye wishing to read today?


Thar be more on the horizon, don't ye be worrying! If ye want to be helping this old seadog add to his collection, be sure to send him a message in a bottle! Any corrections, suggestions and so forth can also be bottled and sent to my KV Forums Script thread - which can be found here, matey! Thank ye kindly.