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In the DKC TV show, Cranky refers to a sizable book known as the 'Encyclopedia Bananica'. This section of the site will be an on-going project for a while, eventually I hope to list and describe everything seen or mentioned in the show. Everything from bananas to bog monsters, and even spells, curses and historical writings will be included.

At the moment there are two versions of the Encyclopedia Bananica:

  • Standard Version - This will display fine on all browsers
  • Enhanced Version - Has many more features and entries

    The enhanced version is definitely the better of the two for content and functionality, but it wont display correctly on some browsers (Internet Explorer works fine). I recommend Avant Browser to view this if your browser doesn't display the entries.

    If you have any questions, corrections or additions, swing by the KV Forums' Encyclopedia Bananica thread, and post a message.