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Island Inhabitants - an introduction (with pictures) to the characters of Donkey Kong Country
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Latest update:

22 October '07
A small update, but that's better than nothing, right? After receiving some good advice from QueenGhid, I've made a bunch of changes to both Skurvy's Scripts and his Songs/Sea Shanties section, which now features the lyrics to the songs of Kong Fu, as promised. Also, the 'Characters in this episode' info for each script is now categorised into Kongs, Lizards & Others. Let me know what you think of this idea! There are also numerous relatively insignificant design changes around the site... See if you can spot them! There will be many similar changes over then next week, it's a WIP. Lastly, some of you may be interested...

Dixie has posted her first Diary entry!

She claims more of those are to come... Good to finally have some content there, Dixie! =)

17 October '07
Hey guys, another update (omg!), this time I have a new addition to Skurvy's growing collection of Scripts. What are you wainting for? Check out the Kong Fu script! (and help me work out what Cranky says!)

Next update, I'll have Kong Fu's song lyrics up for you to browse, and some other mysterious goodies!

13 October '07
Longstanding members of the Kongo Valley community, thank you for your patience. It has been nearly nine months since the last update here, and that's a long enough wait by anyone's standards! So what do I have to share today? Well I've incorporated a fun new ranking system into the KV Forums, so if you haven't done so already, sign up today to join in the fun! Also, I've finally updated the Links section, so if you get tired of waiting between updates, browse some other sites! Don't scamper away too far, though...

Why not, You ask? Well because this update is more than just a single update- it is also a promise that more is soon to come! For starters, a transcript for Kong Fu is well on the way, in addition to the long-awaited debut of Dixie's Diary! A new update will come early next week, so check back soon!

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