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A news archive for past updates.

19 January '07
Alright, alright! Here's the update I promised. It took a while because this site is made up of around 100 different pages! I hadn't noticed that there were quite that many until I had to edit each one of them. Now (at long last!) there is a link to the Kongo Valley Forum in the navigation section, so no matter where you are in Kongo Valley, the forums are only a click away!

I've also updated the images in the Island Inhabitants section. I think the new pictures look nicer and represent the characters a bit better. Furthermore, most pages now have a more interesting graphical title font. Hopefully this makes the presentation a little more interesting - let me know what you think! Also, if anyone finds a page which still lacks a link to KV Forums (it will have a link to the not-yet-started 'Articles' section), please let me know! Thanks a lot, and enjoy the newly updated Kongo Valley!

17 January '07
Update! Okay, I fib... but one is very much on the way. My to-do list for the next day or two includes making a start on Dixie's Diary, adding a link to the forum in the navigation section of each page (I didn't realise how big a task this actually was!), titling each page/section with a more interesting (graphical) font, and finally updating the Links section (this is long overdue). There is much more than that to come, but those changes are just for starters... So new and interesting stuff is on the way!
10 January '07
Only a week on, and already another fresh update! Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in time for more DK stuff in the coming weeks, perhaps every Wednesday (which may still be Tuesday for some of you who live in non-Aussie timezones).

Today's update is another batch of additions to the Encyclopedia Bananica, as well as a new function! You can now check out the most recent entries with ease! Just choose the 'Newest entries' option from either of the first two option boxes, and voilą! The most recent entries will appear right before your eyes!

Speaking of your eyes, keep them (and your bananas) peeled... New updates are on the way, real soon!

3 January '07
Happy New Year! I've been on a beach holiday for a few days, or I'd have updated sooner. What I have today is a new set of entries in the Encyclopedia Bananica. Today's entries are all from 'Booty And The Beast', so click (Choose episode), then select 03. Booty And The Beast to view these new additions.

Also, I should point out that I've removed my email address from Kongo Valley's pages, and I will no longer be checking it, as it has become flooded with junk mail. No big loss, you can always contact me through KV Forums... Just click here (and scroll down) to send me a message! It's an easy alternative to email.

12 December '06
As I'm sure you've all noticed, updates here have been few and far between in the last few months. Updating a website like Kongo Valley is quite time-consuming, and I've found myself investing all of my time elsewhere lately. Sorry about this! Your support during the slow periods is very much appreciated!

Today's update, while small, represents a sign of things to come. Funky has a new selection of shots for you from 'Kong For a Day'. Apparently, these ones were taken from an old video recording he made some time ago, so the quality's not quite up to his usual standard, but hey- they're still groovy. Thanks for those, Funky!

Coming soon, we'll have more photos (Funky has promised me another set of stills from some old videos he's got squirreled away), as well as a new batch of entries for the Encyclopedia Bananica. I've already started working on the next update, so look forward to new stuff real soon!

Take it easy, I'll catch you on the KV Forums!

9 August '06
WOW! An update at long last! I know it has been around 12 weeks since my last update here, and I apologise for that. I'd always aimed for at least one new addition each week, so I'm a bit behind now, but no matter...

On with the news!

Word has it that ol' Captain Skurvy has located a script for The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights, so if you're interested, take a look. I've also edited a few pages (such as the Intro to DKC TV and a few Island Inhabitants pages) because I referred to K. Rool's army as 'Kremlings' which is what they are called in the DKC games, but not in the show... Whoops! So not an enormous update, but certainly a step in the right direction.

I hope to make more updates soon! Remember to check out the KV Forums to discuss anything that's on your mind... Anything to do with the DKC TV show, or this site, that is. ;)

18 May '06
Funky has renovated! Check out his section and spot the difference! ;)
Updates here have been slow lately, but that will pick up soon.
Anything on your mind? Join in the fun at Kongo Valley Forums!
7 May '06
Greetings, DKC lovers! Today Funky has a treat for you - he has taken a bunch of photos from the episode Ape Foo Young, and a few new ones from Bad Hair Day, too! Click here for a sneak peek! Those who've visited this section before may notice that the Bad Hair Day pictures are now in high quality, but that's not all. Each image now also has a small 'KV' watermark in the bottom left or right corner. Do you like this idea? Do you think it ruins the picture? Have your say! Click here to enter the Funky's Photos thread of Kongo Valley Forums, and discuss the watermark, or anything else about Funky's Photos.
2 May '06
I'm back online, and I've brought with me another thrilling installment of Skurvy's Scripts! This time, by popular demand, the spotlight is on Klump's Lumps! The relevant songs page has been added, too. As always, if you want to make any corrections, feel free to post a message at the forums, or email me.
Thanks, and enjoy!
24 Apr '06
Updates have been a bit slow lately, most of my energy has gone into improving the Kongo Valley Forums. I hope everyone likes them so far... I'll be away from Internet access for a few days, so help keep the topics over there interesting to give me something to read when I get back! ;)
Thanks, Qyzzy.
19 Apr '06
A small, but important update today. There is now a small legal statement at the bottom of the home page, and I've added a copyright information segment to the Intro to DKC TV page. Other news is that I've begun work on the first of Krusha's Komics - stay tuned to the Kongo Valley Forums if you are interested in checking out work in progress as it happens, and suggestions/ideas are always welcome!
18 Apr '06
Thanks to all of you who have registered and posted message on the new Kongo Valley Forums! It's great to hear what you have to say! I recently bought the DVD "Bad Hair Day", which includes the first four episodes of DKC, one of which I had never seen before! So, today's update is a lovely selection of nine new pictures from the aforementioned episode - Booty and the Beast. You can find them in the Season 1 section of Funky's Photos! Also, please check out the Forums, and become a member, too!
13 Apr '06
Mini update! Just letting everyone know that Kongo Valley now has an official forum! Here you can discuss the DKC TV show to your heart's content with other fans. Kongo Valley Forums - a great place to talk to other fans of the show and let them know what you think of Donkey Kong Country. See you there!
10 Apr '06
Another script has been added to Skurvy's Scripts, and the whole section has been improved, so take a look! This update took nearly all of today to prepare, so I hope you like it. Be sure to check out the Songs section while you're there! Furthermore, I've added a new song for download in the MonkeyMedia section - it's the song DK sung whilst dancing in the Orangutango competition. Here's a sample!
6 Apr '06
I uploaded the wrong file last night, so some of you heard the DKC intro theme, which isn't that bad a thing, right? Anyhow, that's been fixed now, and if your browser has a hard time telling that it's meant to download a new file instead of the old one, I've created an alternate link on the Songs page. Just click the (Alt) link to download the correct version of the file. Whoops! Big thanks to Mark and Knight42092 for pointing this out!
5 Apr '06
My little present for y'all today is a very goofy song! Sung by Diddy when DK was reduced to an infant ape by Cranky's youth potion, this song is available for download here! If you like, check out the lyrics, too! So it looks like the MonkeyMedia section is finally underway... and I guess Skurvy's Sea Shanties are on their way also. Ask and you shall receive! Hoorah!
1 Apr '06
Nothing new to add today, check back later...


Good news is that today's update is a juicy one! The main item of interest today is the enhanced version of the Encyclopedia Bananica. Take a look! I've also given the Intro to DKC TV a little attention, and fixed the broken link problem on the Archived News page. Stay tuned for another update REAL soon!

28 Mar '06
Hi, this update features a redesign of the Island Inhabitants main page with a couple of group pictures. Coming very soon, a BIG update to the Encyclopedia Bananica! I've spent quite some time lately working on rebuilding this section, and have worked out how to make it very organised and user-sortable.
15 Mar '06
I've added the first bunch of Season 1 photos in Funky's Photos. These six shots are from the very first episode - Bad Hair Day. They are taken from my old VHS tapes, so the quality is a bit lower than the season 2 pics, but still not bad. Have a look!
14 Mar '06
Kongo Valley now has its very own Notice Board! If you want to share your thoughts about the DKC show, or this site, the Kongo Valley Notice Board is the way to go!
9 Mar '06
Some new additions to the Encyclopedia Bananaica, and lots more on the way!
6 Mar '06
At last, the Island Inhabitants section is complete. All characters now have pictures and mini biographies... Well I suppose there are a few left to be added. Baby Kong for one - I've never seen the episode he's in (Baby Kong Blues) so I'll wait until then to add him. =)

Another update coming real soon!
Remember you can email (qyzzy@kongovalley.50webs.com) or sign my guestbook!

3 Mar '06
It has been a little while since my last update, and this is only a small one - the Encyclopedia Bananica has a few new entries, and all characters now have a mini biography (except for Kong Fu, Cutlass and Green Croc), so take a peek at the Miscellaneous section of Island Inhabitants to see what's new over there.

If you have any comments, Email me (qyzzy@kongovalley.50webs.com) or sign my old guestbook. Any comments are appreciated!


20 Feb '06
Another sizable update today. I have written some handy info on the Intro to DKC TV section, and have started the character profiles in Island Inhabitants (check out the Kong Family page!). Also, the very first entries in theEncyclopedia Bananica are sprouting up! Any suggestions and comments are welcome as always, so Email me (qyzzy@kongovalley.50webs.com) or sign my old guestbook if you have something to say!

Next update should feature a more complete documentation of the inhabitants of Kongo Bongo Island, a few more Encyclopedia Bananica entries, some photos, courtesy of Funky, and perhaps a few other additions here and there. Hopefully Dixie's Diary will get some attention soon, too!

15 Feb '06
Happy belated Valentine's Day! Today's update is a fairly big one - new photos in Funky's Photos, a new episode transcript in Skurvy's Scripts, my first link to a DKC fansite in the Links section, and I've created a title image for the site, too. That should make the design a little more lively and interesting. Coming soon - some entries in the Encyclopedia Bananica, Dixie's Diary and Intro to DKC TV. Hopefully I'll get underway with the Island Inhabitants, too! Email me (qyzzy@kongovalley.50webs.com) or sign my old guestbook if you want to get in touch. Seeya!
13 Feb '06
Today is the first official update for Kongo Valley, featuring 6 new pictures from Hooray For Holly-Kongo Bongo in Funky's Photos. This section will be added to shortly. Next update will also include the very first installment of Skurvy's Scripts - which is a full transcript of Hooray For Holly-Kongo Bongo. I'll work on my links page, too... So Mark- your site will be linked to shortly! Okay, that's all for now, but come back soon!