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I'm Qyzzy, the webmaster of Kongo Valley.

I heard about the DKC animated series some years ago, and was very excited indeed! Unfortunately, the show wasn't on air in my part of the world (Australia), and online info about it was scarce. I decided there needed to be a dedicated Donkey Kong Country TV show website to cater for the curious people out there!

My previous DKC website...
Before creating Kongo Valley, I had a site called Donkey Kong Database which can be seen here, but is no longer active. That site was a bit of a mixed bag of various Donkey Kong stuff, and as much as I loved it at the time, that jumbled approach doesn't really suit an information site! So although I'm a long-time fan of all things DK, Kongo Valley will be a site dedicated to the DKC TV show.

Kongo Valley's layout...
Kongo Valley consists of ten main sections, all of which are accessible using the navigation panel at the top of this page. Most sections contain sub-sections which hold more information. Links to these pages appear below the main navgation panel. Click on these to explore all the stuff on offer at Kongo Valley!

Kongo Valley's Forum Community...
Kongo Valley has its own forum for discussion about the DKC TV show. At KV Forums, there are boards available to discuss the show, this website, and anything else you feel like talking about. If you haven't already, sign up today and become part of this friendly community of Donkey Kong Country fans.

The future of Kongo Valley...
Although this site has come a long way since it first began in February '06, some sections are still empty, or in early stages. I'm renewing my efforts to update Kongo Valley with new content at least once a week. Hopefully I will find time in the coming months to make every section fun and interesting!

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Kongo Valley!